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Best Christmas Present Ever!

My husband and I decided to forgo Christmas gifts for each other this year. Instead, we bought our 7 and a half year old daughter the gift she forgot she wanted. We got her 2 days at the Great Wolf Lodge in New England.

When the Great Wolf Lodge first opened in New England, they had constant commercials and all our daughter kept talking about is how much she wanted to go there. This was over the summer. As time went on the commercials stopped and soon the nagging stopped.

Jump ahead to Christmas. We decided now is the best time to book this since it is too cold to swim outside. When looking for available rooms, I realized how busy they they were. We decided to go January 2-3. We were all off those days and we could still take advantage of the Snowland event at Great Wolf. And even though you can’t check into your room until 4pm, you can go to the Water Park starting at 1pm. We also asked her cousin to come with us so that she has someone to play with so we made sure to also get the room with the cave. This will be fun!

So Christmas morning comes and our little one opens all her gifts. Great reactions to them all. And at the end we gave her the Great Wolf Lodge gift. She screamed with excitement and then the tears came. When asked why she was crying she says “I am so happy I have joys of life tears. This is the best Christmas present ever!”.

And what better present can parents ask for than seeing their child that happy. Can’t wait to see the joy on her face next week when we actually go.

Stay tuned for The Great Wolf Lodge Experience post coming shortly after the new year!


Museful Mom Update

The last few months have been quite busy since my last post. I did a 30 yoga challenge. It was awesome. I felt a real change in me and in my body. I started feeling less stressed almost right away. It was amazing. I got a lot more flexible which was great. I also felt my upper body gaining some strength.

After the 30 days, I was going to yoga three times a week however, I haven’t gone at all in December due to the holiday craziness that this month brings. I plan on starting up again on January 5th. Can’t wait.

The amazon business has been doing really well. The last three months have been really busy with all of the sourcing, listing, and sending that needed to be done for the Christmas rush. I feel we did really well for our first Christmas season and have built up a nice amount of cash to really be able to reinvest into the business and to start making some serious money…Hopefully.

All in all it has been a good few months…I really look forward to 2015….Sort of…

I’ll let you know what I mean by “sort of” in another post that is coming real soon.


3 Lifestyle Changes Needed For Weight Loss

I have not been very happy with myself lately. I have gained about 12 pounds since April. I am currently at 222.2 pounds. I know this sounds made up but above is the picture from this morning to prove it. It takes a lot for me to admit how much I weigh.

Unfortunately, this weight gain is significant as I can see my shirts getting too short and my pants not fitting well. I have also noticed a difference in the way I walk and feel. I know I said this six months ago but I really have to get myself in shape. I really need to make some serious lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle change number one is the elimination of soda in my daily intake. I have been drinking 4-6 cans of Pepsi Throwback, now called Pepsi – Made with Real Sugar. I truly believe that this is a major source of my weight gain. At the same time, I will be increasing my water intake. Now, I will allow myself the occasional soda however it will not be an everyday thing. So as of today, no more soda.

The second lifestyle change will be eating better. No more fast food everyday. I will reduce my portions and eat healthier, cleaner meals. I will not be over indulging in junk and snack foods regularly. As with the soda, I will allow myself the occasional snack but just like the soda, it will not be an everyday thing. So, starting today I will begin eating better.

And the last but most important lifestyle change is to increase my exercising. This should not be hard since I currently don’t do any. I have decided to try hot yoga. I signed up for my first class tonight. I have seen a colleague of mine transform in amazing ways both physically and mentally doing this same yoga style. Hopefully I can have similar results.

I believe that by putting those three lifestyle changes into motion, I can become healthier and slimmer. I will keep everyone updated of my progress. And I know I said this before, but this time I am really going to do it and not give up!


Museful Mom Is Back!

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Shortly after I started this blog, my husband and I were introduced to an amazing business opportunity. We have spent the last few months setting up the business and getting things in motion. We are in a place right now where we have a bit more time and I have missed blogging.

So…here I am.

I will be covering many topics in the coming months. I will write about things like the business that my husband and I started, my struggles with my weight, life in general, and any other topic that comes to mind. So stay tuned for a great time!

It is great to be back!