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Big League Chew To Finally Feature Female Player On Packaging

Big League Chew Female Player On Packaging - MusefulMom.com

After more than 40 years, Big League Chew bubble gum for baseball players has finally made a change to honor women. That’s right. A female softball player.

The female character was created by Amanda MacFarlane, a freelance character designer, who also happens to be the daughter of former Major League shortstop Bobby Bonner. She drew inspiration from her niece who plays softball so this character will represent the many softballers. 

Up until now, the brand could always be identified by the caricature of a very muscular male baseball player ready to swing, slide or even intimidate opponents with his mean looking features. The plan to feature a softball player on the front of Big League Chew has been in the works for many years.

The new softball line is already available online and is expected to roll out to other retailers in late spring. And in case you were wondering, the female softball player sketch will not replace the male character completely but will be batting right along side him in stores.

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